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Shrimp Bibb Lettuce wrap (serving for 2)


Bibb Lettuce.       1 container


Shrimp.            6 oz /16-20 or large

Corn starch.       2 cups

Salt.              1 oz

Old bay.           1 tbs

Canola oil.        1 1/2 quarts for frying



  1. In a medium pot pre heat the oil at 350 degrees or on medium heat for 10 minutes.

  2. Combine all the dry ingredients together

  3. Rolled shrimp in season corn starch

  4. shake off additional corns starch

  5. Fry shrimp few at a time for 3 minutes

  6. Drain fried shrimp on a paper towel or on wired rack, baking sheet tray


Sauté Bok Choy

Bok choy.             1/2 lbs. (blanched & Julianne)

Onion.                1 small (half-moon)

Bean sprouts.         2 oz

Sesame oil.           1 tbs

Garlic.               2 pc (minced)

Ginger.               1 oz (minced)

Chili garlic sauce.   1 Tbs


  1. In a medium pan on medium heat add oil

  2. add garlic and ginger sauté for 1 minute

  3. Then add bok choy, onion and chili garlic sauce and sauté 2 minutes

  4. Finally add bean sprouts sauté for 2 minutes


Cucumber & Carrot Salad

English cucumber.      1 pc (Julianne)

Carrots.               2 pc (Julianne)

Basil thai.            8 leaves

Jicama.                3 oz (Julianne)

Cilantro.              8 leaves

Rice vinegar.          2 tbs

Red pepper flags.      1 tsp

Honey.                 1 tbs

Lime juice.            Half



  1. In a medium bowl Combine and whisk honey, vinegar, lime juice and red pepper flakes.

  2. Then add the rest of ingredients and toss together.

Note: ***best served immediately to keep texture of vegetables crisp***


Peanut Sauce

Grape seed oil.      2 tsp

Fish oil.            1 tsp

Shallots.            1 oz fine chopped

Carrots.             1 oz fine chopped

Ginger.              1 oz fine chopped

Coconut milk.        1 cup

Hoisin sauce.        2 tsp

Brown sugar.         1 tbs

Chili garlic sauce.  1 tsp

Peanut butter.       2 tbs


Peanut crushed.      1 tbs (garnish)

Soy sauce.           2 tsp

(low sodium) 

Red wine vinegar     1 tsp


  1. In a small pot on medium heat, add both oils

  2. Then add carrots, ginger, shallots and garlic and saute for 2 minutes without coloring

  3. Add the rest of the ingredients, lower the heat and mix well with a whisk. Simmer for 5 minutes

  4. Garnish with crushed peanuts

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